July 21-23

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Come Play in the 2022 Bridge Bowl in Providence July 21-23!

Each summer at the Collegiate Bridge Bowl, bridge players from colleges across the continent gather to meet, play and compete for scholarships provided by the ACBL Educational Foundation.

Six college teams and 12 college pairs have already won travel packages, but even if you don’t win a travel package you can still come and play!

Any team or pair who did not win a travel package can still participate in the Collegiate Bridge Bowl, and there will be no entry fees for the events (must be an ACBL member). Registration closes Tuesday, July 5. Register by June 15 to ensure a t-shirt in your size. Walk-up participants will be allowed only if space permits and must show proof of college enrollment. Team events will begin July 21st and Pair events on July 22nd.

Team Registration Form (not for travel package winners)
Pair Registration Form (not for travel package winners)

Team Travel Package Recap

23 teams from 13 schools competed in our two special team tournaments, and six of these teams won travel packages to the Collegiate Bridge Bowl in Providence this summer.

Congratulations to: Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and Washington University in St. Louis.
Travel package winners are expected to play each day they are at the tournament, so if a team is knocked out after the Swiss round in Day 1, they must play as pairs in the Day 2 pair events (in the event of a five-man team, at least four team members must play in the pairs games).

Pair Travel Package Recap

22 pairs from 12 schools competed in a special stratified pairs tournament, and six of these pairs won travel packages. In addition, another six pairs won travel packages for participation in daily online tournaments.

Congratulations to: Amherst College, Carleton College, Georgia Tech, MIT, Northwestern University, Purdue University, The University of Chicago, The University of Colorado Boulder, The University of Miami, The University of Waterloo, UC Berkeley and Washington University in St. Louis.

Bridge Bowl Event Schedule

Wednesday, July 20
7:30 p.m.; Individual event for fun, masterpoints and prizes*

Thursday, July 21
10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; Team Knock out
7:30 p.m.; Individual event for fun, masterpoints and prizes*

Friday, July 22
10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; Team Final for scholarships
10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; Pairs (note that teams who won travel packages and get knocked out of team event must play in this pairs game)
7:30 p.m.; Individual event for fun, masterpoints and prizes*

Saturday, July 23
10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; Championship Pairs for scholarships
7:30 p.m.; Junior game sponsored by Mitch Dunitz with pizza and bridge pros. Open to all junior players.

*There will be an Individual Event during the Bridge Bowl at 7:30 p.m. on July 20-22 (Wednesday to Friday). These are special games in which you enter to play without a partner. Instead, over the course of each night, you will play with several different partners. Think of it like speed dating for bridge!

Team CoC – coming soon
Pairs CoC – coming soon
Individual CoC – coming soon