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Online Teacher Certification
Making online bridge lessons more engaging and effective is the purpose of a new “how to teach” workshop jointly sponsored by ACBL and the Education Foundation, and in consultation with the ABTA. Designed by the creator of ACBL’s Best Practices Workshop, it introduces teachers to apps/websites that offer unique teaching capabilities and uses each to demonstrate creative lesson dynamics.

  • Workshop is held over four modules. Note that you must attend all four modules.
  • Content neutral so teachers can use the apps and lesson structures they learn with any materials.
  • Assists teachers in creating or repurposing online lessons.
  • Participants have the opportunity to become Certified ACBL Online Teachers.

Qualifications: You must be able to navigate multiple windows, share screens, set up Zoom breakouts and polls, use SharkBridge’s Teaching Console and learn new apps. Note that proficiency must be demonstrated before participation in workshop. You can find helpful tips and tutorials in our Setting Up 4 Success page.

Thanks to a program from the Educational Foundation, TAP and Best Practices certified teachers can get a special deal on workshop fees. The foundation will pay a partial rebate for costs over $50. The rebate will be automatically refunded to your record of payment after the workshop. The amount charged over the first $50 will be reimbursed (maximum $75 repayment).

If you are interested in being notified about new course dates please sign up here.