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Month Day/Session Event
August All Month North American Pairs Flight A, B and C
Monday, August 21/ Evening ACBL-wide Junior Fund Game Open to all ages – 2nd of 2
September All Month Club International Fund Games
Wednesday, September 27/ Evening ACBL-wide International Fund Game – 2nd of 3
October All Month Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Games
Clubs can hold two total games per sanctioned session
Friday, October 6/ Afternoon Olympiad Fund Game
Canada-wide Event – 2nd of 2
Friday, October 13/ Afternoon ACBL-wide Senior Pairs – 2nd of 2
Tuesday, October 17/ Any Session Erin Berry Rookie/Master Game
Canada-wide Event
Wednesday, October 25/ Afternoon ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game
Printed Materials Available
December Tuesday, December 5/ Morning ACBL-wide International Fund Game – 3rd of 3