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ACBL Units & Districts

ACBL Districts

Currently, there are 25 geographically defined districts as shown on the map on the left. The 25 districts have been combined into 13 regions (district boundaries remain unchanged). By 2024, the 13 regions will have one representative on the ACBL Board of Directors, and the districts will no longer be individually represented. During the transition period, regions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 11 have elected a regional representative while the other remaining districts continue to have a representative on the Board.

ACBL Regions ACBL Regions

ACBL Units

Our 300+ units supervise and promote bridge within their boundaries. They have the exclusive right to host sectionals in their territory and may conduct other special games such as unit championships. Each unit receives a share of ACBL membership fees. We encourage units to use these fees for programs to increase membership and enhance the enjoyment of the game for all members.

When applying for a charter and to remain a unit in good standing, a unit must agree to comply with ACBL Bylaws, rules and regulations.

District/Unit Officers List District/Unit Officers List
District and Unit Insurance District and Unit Insurance
Order Mini-McKenney Medallions Order Mini-McKenney Medallions

District and Unit Websites

(Unit websites are listed under their corresponding district)

District/Unit Websites

Support for Units

Support for Units

Building A Unit Board Building A Unit BoardSanction Applications Sanction ApplicationsHandbooks for Units Handbooks for UnitsMarketing Solutions by Pianola Marketing Solutions by Pianola

ACBL Board of Directors

ACBL’s Board of Directors supervise and regulate the business, property and affairs of the ACBL, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, the Certificate of Incorporation, or the ACBL Bylaws. The Board is the ACBL’s legislative body with responsibility for approving an overall budget, determining policy for the ACBL, and establishing the regulations for tournaments and play.

The Board employs an executive director to manage and conduct ACBL business in accordance with the budget, policies and regulations established by the Board of Directors.

The Board is currently being reorganized. By 2024, the 13 regions of the ACBL will have one representative on the Board, and the districts will no longer be individually represented. However, during this transition period, eight regions have elected a regional representative while the other remaining districts continue to have a representative on the Board. All district directors will be able to serve out the remainder of their term in office.

Regional Directors

Region 1

Jonathan Steinberg

D1, D2
Region 2

Mark Aquino

D24, D25
Region 4

Margot Hennings

ACBL Board President - D5, D6
Region 5

Dennis Carman

D12, D13, D14
Region 6

Barbara Heller

Region 7

Larry Sealy

D8, D10, D11
Region 8

Jeff Overby

Region 9

Paul Cuneo

D15, D16
Region 10

Cindy Shoemaker

Region 11

David Lodge

D22, D23
Region 12

Jackie Zayac

D20, D21
Region 13

Tim White

D18, D19

District Directors

District 2

Flo Belford

Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda
District 3

Carlos Muñoz

Eastern New York (not New York City), Northern New Jersey
District 4

Joann Glasson

Central New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern New Jersey
District 8

Georgia Heth

Illinois except for Chicago, St. Louis and some of the rest of Missouri, and the Paducah, Kentucky area
District 14

Deana Liddy

Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
District 21

Stu Goodgold

Northern California and part of Northern Nevada

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council (AC), formerly known as the Board of Governors, composed primarily of three members from each district, reviews reports of actions taken by the Board of Directors.

Advisory Council Chair

Doug Couchman

Advisory Council Committees

Teachers and Club managers Committee Teachers and Club managers CommitteeAnti-Cheating Committee Anti-Cheating CommitteeBridge Committee Bridge CommitteeMembership Growth and Retention Membership Growth and Retention
adminstration_Board of Governors_Advisory Council
ACBL Committees

Committees assist ACBL by recommending policy, actions or alternatives for Board deliberations. There are five types of committees: Committees of the Board, Committees of the Corporation, Special Committees, Management Committees, and Other ACBL Bodies.

ACBL Laws Commission

The ACBL Laws Commission, in cooperation with the laws committee of the World Bridge Federation, prepares the laws under which both duplicate and rubber bridge games are governed. The commission consists of between nine and 15 members appointed by the president of ACBL with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Laws Commission Members Laws Commission MembersLaws Commission Minutes Laws Commission Minutes

Competition and Conventions Committee

The ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee reviews conventions, convention charts, the alert procedure, convention cards, conditions of contest and any other competitive aspect of bridge. Recommended proposals for change are forwarded to the ACBL Board of Directors for approval.

C & C Committee Members C & C Committee MembersC & C Minutes C & C MinutesC & C Procedures C & C Procedures

ACBL Disciplinary Committee

The committee will hear cases regarding matters specified in the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations (CDR) or other original cases when so instructed by the ACBL Board of Directors.

The committee will consist of 12 members appointed by the President for three-year terms.

ACBLL Disciplinary Committee Members ACBLL Disciplinary Committee Members

Ethical Oversight Committee

The Ethical Oversight Committee acts upon charges brought by ACBL Management as the ACBL disciplinary body in cases of alleged cheating by the use of signals, other unauthorized information, other forms of cheating, or serious breaches of ethics, in accordance with the ACBL Code of Disciplinary Regulations. League Counsel, the ACBL President and the District Director (for the district of the person charged) are to be notified of a decision to hold an ethical oversight hearing.

Ethical Oversight Committee Members Ethical Oversight Committee MembersOnline Ethical Oversight Committee Members Online Ethical Oversight Committee Members


Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee

The ACBL Goodwill Committee was organized in 1955 with John E. Simon as chair and Louise Durham as co-chair. Aileen Osofsky became chair in 1985 and has expanded the committee’s endeavors, taking on the promotion of active ethics, awareness of those with disabilities such as hearing loss, support for junior programs and naming of a goodwill member of the year.

Goodwill Committee Members Goodwill Committee Members
ACBL Policies and Governing Documents

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