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ACBL Policies and Governing Documents


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Conditions of Contest

Conditions of Contest Conditions of Contest

Convention Charts

ACBL Convention Charts

The four new convention charts are listed in order from least to most permissive: the Basic Chart, Basic+ Chart, Open Chart, and Open+ Chart. The Basic and Basic+ Charts are intended for limited master point events. These Charts are written in manner similar to the old charts — by listing permitted methods.

The Open and Open+ Charts are intended for events with no masterpoint limits (or high limits). In contrast to the Basic and Basic+ Charts, methods are generally allowed unless they are expressly prohibited within the Chart.

A comprehensive Definitions section is included in addition to the Charts. Any word that is capitalized on a Chart is included in the Definitions section.

An Examples section follows the Charts for cases where a rule might be ambiguous. Both the Definitions and the Examples should be included with the Charts. Any Definition or Chart Rule marked with three asterisks (***) has 1 or more examples in the Example section.

Basic Chart Basic ChartBasic+ Chart Basic+ ChartOpen Chart Open ChartOpen+ Chart Open+ Chart

Defense Database

Defense Database

Two classes of methods are particularly difficult to defend against, and these methods are allowed only in events governed by the Open+ Chart, and then only in segments of six boards or longer. These methods, based on #3 of the Opening Bids section of the Open Chart and on #3 or #7 of the Opening Bids section of the Open+ Chart, require both a pre-alert and a written defense, including a separate copy of that defense for each opponent.

Requirements for playing these methods

If you choose to play one of these methods, you are required to:

  1. Pre-Alert the method prior to the start of the auction on the first board.
  2. Have a complete written description of the method available for your opponents.
  3. Have a copy of an approved defense from this database available for your opponents should they wish to use it. If there is no approved defense for the method you wish to play, you may not use that method until such time as you have submitted a defense to ACBL and that defense has been approved.

The intent of these requirements is to permit responsible pairs a reasonable amount of freedom to determine the methods they wish to play while ensuring that no advantage is gained from a method that is unknown and/or whose submitted defense is inadequate.

Convention and Defense Approval
Convention and Defense Approval

A sub-committee of the Conventions and Competition Committee is responsible for approving defenses to methods which require them for addition to the ACBL Defense Database.

All proposals must include:

  1. a complete description of the method, including responses and rebids and what happens in competition,
  2. a detailed defense including initial actions, responses to the initial actions (including in competition), actions after opening-P- bid/P (and responses there to), delayed actions such as opening-P-bid- P-P/bid

Defenses To:

1. Artificial One-level Openings Showing Length Only In A Known Suit Other Than the One Opened:

2. Artificial Opening Preempts Below 3NT That Do Not Show At Least One Known Suit

Tournament Specific Regulations

Alert Procedures Alert Procedures

Reference (Outdated) Documents

These documents are outdated and presented for reference only. Current regulations can be found above.
Previous Convention Charts Previous Convention ChartsAlert Procedures (Pamphlet) Alert Procedures (Pamphlet)Alert Chart Alert Chart


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Masterpoint Information Masterpoint Information

Convention Cards & How to Fill Them Out


ACBL Convention Card: Download a PDF file and print a blank card. You may also save the file to your computer and edit this card for your personal use.
ACBL “Fat Free” Convention Card: Download a completed card with a basic system for you.
Basic 2 over 1 Convention Card: From Larry Cohen’s Conventional Wisdom Lite series featured in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin. Download the completed card. To view the Conventional Wisdom Lite series, click here.
Bridge Bulletin Standard Bridge Bulletin Standard
Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC): Download a PDF of the card as well as full instructions for using this popular convention card in single-page format or paginated format. A Spanish version of the instructions is available at


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