Harris wins Mini-Spingold

The team captained by Marty Harris of Chicago won the 0–6000 Mini-Spingold Knockout Teams on Saturday, defeating Marc Sylvester’s squad 126–67.

Harris played with his sister, Miriam Harris-Botzum of Orefield PA, Mark Kinzer of New Berlin WI and Bob Marheine of Waukesha WI.

Sylvester of Edinboro PA played with David Yoon of Bayside NY, Ryan Connors of Alexandria VA and Randi Adelman of Teaneck NJ.

Harris led the entire way, going up 67–22 in the first half. Sylvester trimmed 8 IMPs from the lead in the third quarter but was outscored by double in the fourth quarter.

It’s the fifth win in a limited national event for Harris, who has won this event twice before, once with Harris-Botzum, along with the Mini-Blue Ribbon Pairs and the Bean Red Ribbon Pairs.

Kinzer and Marhenie have been playing together since 1977. Harris and Harris-Botzum have played together regularly since 2018, but the first time for their partnership was in 1972, when Harris-Botzum was 6.

“There was an anti-zero-tolerance policy back then,” Harris said. “You had to yell.”

The team’s closest match was in the three-way on day two when they squeaked by on a 2-IMP quotient. After that it was smooth sailing.